An integrated circuit regulator type

The following studies can be carried out using this set-up :
1. Integrated circuit regulator working as a voltage regulator
2. Integrated circuit regulator working as a current regulator

The above experiment has been put up on a printed bakelite board with an aim of providing an easy understanding to the students of schools and colleges. At Acumen Labware we make customized scientific kits for schools and colleges in which components are well spread out for clarity and easy maintenance. The set-up is provided with a user manual, which contains its detailed theory of operation, specifications and description of the various experiments that can be performed using it.

An integrated circuit regulator type

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The Acumen Labware make integrated circuit regulator is a monolithic precision voltage regulator constructed on a single silicon chip. This device consists of a temperature compensated reference, error amplifier, current limit circuit and power series pass transistor. Some of its important features are - adjustable output voltage from 2 to 37V, which could be of either polarity, 0.01% line and 0.03% load regulation, output current upto 150mA without external pass transistor make it a general purpose IC for voltage or current regulation.

The experimental set-up consists of an IC 723 which provide convenient connections, voltmeter, an ammeter, an unregulated power supply and all other general components - resistances, potentiometers, variable load etc. which are required to perform the experiments.