Electrical Training Systems

Here at acumen labware we have designed electrical wiring training system panels keeping in mind all the basic concepts of electrical engineering which need to be essentially known to an engineer. The wiring training systems are outlined with an intention of giving in depth knowledge of industrial as well as domestic wiring schemes to electrical engineering students. Electrical wiring system is a key design for any building whether it is industrial or domestic because apart from providing operational electricity it also needs to be safe as it is a major cause of concern during short circuit breakdown which follows to fire hazard. Hence it is an undebatable fact that electrical wiring and training systems are a must to master topic for every engineering student.

With the use of our electrical wiring training system students grasp the basic concepts of industrial and residential wiring techniques. We have designed this vocational wiring training system for electrician and construction trade students so that they can absorb the fundamental ideas behind electrical wiring. Our electrical wiring training systems are also being used by big manufacturing companies to brush up the skills of there in house electrical maintenance teams. Some companies take dual benefits from the system by even using them as a testing tool while recruitment of electrical teams so as to check there skills hands on and their ability to troubleshoot real time electrical wiring faults. In the electrical wiring training system panels we provide a wide range of electrical components on board which include various types of switches, circuit breakers and also safety switches. The notion behind creating electrical wiring training panels is to deploy real time wiring and breakdown obstacles faced by electrical engineers on a daily basis under various circumstances.