Application operational amplifier

The following studies can be carried out

1. Operation as a monostable multivibrator
2. Operation as a free running multivibrator
3. Operation as a preset time delay
The above experiment Application Operational Amplifier has been put up on a printed bakelite board with an aim of providing an easy understanding to the students of schools and colleges. At Acumen Labware we make customized scientific kits/instruments for schools and colleges in which components are well spread out for clarity and easy maintenance. The Application Operational Amplifier set-up is provided with a user manual, which contains its detailed theory of operation, specifications and description of the various experiments that can be performed using it.

Application operational amplifier

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Acumen Labware make 555 timers are highly stable integrated circuit capable of functioning as a free running multivibrator and an accurate time-delay generator. When operational amplifier is being used as an oscillator the frequency and duty cycle are accurately controlled by only a capacitor and two external resistors. Some of its important features are, timing from micro-seconds through hours, trigger and reset inputs are logic compatible, monostable and astable operation, and output compatible with CMOS, DTL and TTL (when used with 5V supply).

The set-up consists of 555 IC which offers convenience of connection on board, a power supply, built-in facilities for various type of triggers-variable frequency, variable voltage, and manual. The resistors and capacitors required shall be fixed on the board.