Digital Microvoltmeter

Techincal Specification
DC voltage measurements from high impedance sources; output of photomultiplier tubes, photocells, radiation detector etc.

Very low voltage measurement, direct measurement of thermo–couple output to read temperatures with a resolution of 1/40th of a degree (Chromel-Alumel).
General purpose laboratory instrument for voltages upto 19.99V DC. (Hall Effect, Thermoluminescence, Four Probe, Transistor and Diode characteristics etc.)

Digital Microvoltmeter

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Very low temperature drift
Low dc input bias current-10pA
Measures voltage down to 1µV
Automatic polarity indication
Recorder facility (optional)

The Digital Microvoltmeter, is a highly versatile multipurpose instrument for the measurement of low voltage direct current (dc). It has 5 decade ranges from 1mV to 10V with 100% over-ranging. For better efficiency, accuracy and convenience, readings are directly obtained on 3½ digit Digital Panel Meter (DPM).
This instrument uses a very well designed chopper stabilized IC amplifier. This amplifier offers an exceptionally low offset voltage and input bias parameters, combined with excellent speed characteristics.
Filter circuit is also provided to reduce the line pickups of 50Hz. All internal power supplies are IC regulated.