Pid Controlled Oven

Pid Controlled Oven

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This is high quality temperature controlled oven suitable for Four Probe Set-up, testing of electronic components & study of temperature transducers etc.. The oven has been designed for fast heating and cooling rates which enhances the effectiveness of the controller.

While the basic design of the controller is around the PID configuration for its obvious advantages, wastage of power is avoided by using a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) switch. This combination has the advantages of both on-off controller and linear PID controller. The result is a good stable and accurate temperature control.

Product Description

A platinum RTD has been used for sensing the temperature. A wheatstone bridge and an instrumentation amplifier are used for signal conditioning. Feedback circuit ensures offset and linearity trimming to a great degree of accuracy. The set and measured temperature are displayed on 3� digit DPM through selector switch.