SCR Three Phase Bridge Converter

SCR Three Phase Bridge Converter

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SCR Three Phase Bridge Converter Lab Trainers & Equipments comprise of the following:

SCR Three Phase Half-Full Controlled Bridge Converters Using Firing Techniques with R Load.

Digital Meters: • Voltmeter 2000V ACV
• Voltmeter 2000V DC
• Ammeter 2A DC
Power supplies:
• Power Supply +15Vat 150mA
• Isolated Supply 0-110V or 24V AT 1A.
• Operated on Mains power 415V, 50Hz +10%
Components are mounted on the panels are:

• SCR TYN604 • Diode 1N5408 and BA159
• AC Phase Control by Gate Control Firing Circuit R, Y and B Phases.
• Resistive Load (Lamp and Resistor 20W)
• Protection Cover
• Front panel built with high class insulated Printed Circuit Board sheet with well printed circuits and symbols.
• Fuse for Short Circuit protection
• Instruction manual.
• Connections are brought out through 4mm Colored Sockets.
• Patch Cords 4mm.
• The trainer is housed in Metal cabinet.
• Size of the trainer set 14”x12” and 18’x12’