Pipe Friction

Pipe Friction

Product Code:LCFM-105

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up.


This experimentation arrangement consists of various pipes with different diameters, which are connected in a parallel circuit to each other. Pressure losses are measured by pressure tapings fitted on each pipe by using Differential Manometer. Control valves are fitted on each pipe, which helps to use one pipe at a time for performing the experiment.

The losses due to friction in pipe lines experimentation arrangement is a self-reliant water re-circulating unit, provided with a sump tank and a centrifugal pump etc. Flow in the water line is adjusted by Flow control valve and by-pass valve to conduct the experiment on different flow rates. Flow rate of water is measured with the help of markings provided on the measuring tank and stop watch.