Green Renewable Energy

The form of energy which does not leave any wastage, can be reused again and does not get destroyed after one time use and is naturally regenerated is known as green renewable energy. There are various renewable energy sources which we are using today to generate electricity which can be classified as sunlight (solar), wind, rain, tides, and waves. These days electricity generation by using solar and wind energy has become a fast growing electric power production model and is being rapidly used by industrial as well as domestic establishments. Solar power generation systems are very popular today in rural far-flung distant remote areas where there is no electrification, now they can enjoy electric power using solar based off grid battery back-up generation systems. Solar and wind energy have also become important due to ever increasing demand of electricity around the world and pollution created by using non-renewable sources of energy like coal and oil. Using fossil fuels for meeting our energy requirements have also led to rise in average earth temperature in the last few decades, this phenomenon is known as global warming. This has been a compelling factor for nations around the world to join hands and encourage the use of green renewable resources of energy like solar and wind energy.