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Autoclave Horizontal

Autoclave Horizontal

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Product Name: Autoclave Horizontal

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Autoclave Horizontal by Acumen Labware comes with the following salient features:
- Steam Stock Provision.
- Versatile usage.
- Stainless steel construction.
- Ergonomic Design.
- Energy Efficient.
- Double Safety Radial Locking Arrangement.
- Double Safety Valve Protection.
- Hydraulic Testing Upto 2.5 times the working pressure.
- Calibration And Protocol Documentation.

Horizontal autoclaves are used to sterilize articles using a combination of heat as well as pressure, effective pressure on the articles is applicable from all the sides. Horizontal autoclaves use steam as a medium of heat transfer these are primarily made of carbon steel. To prevent the Horizontal autoclaves from corrosion high grade of carbon steel is used because it can effectively handle repeated exposure to steam, water & air. In horizontal autoclaves with temperature range up till 340C normal carbon steel is used as it has low yield strength of about 38 ksi and the tensile strength is 70 to 90 ksi, but for temperatures above 340 C high temperature allows must be used by horizontal autoclave manufacturers. Although with time there is definitely some loss of metal due to corrosion, but this shall be closely monitored and the horizontal autoclave should be decommissioned when excessive loss has occurred.