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Vertical Autoclave Manufacturer

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Product Name: Vertical Autoclave

Product Code:  In stock

Vertical Autoclave Manufacturer i.e Acumen Labware provides autoclaves with the following salient features:
-Stainless steel construction.
-Ergonomic Design.
-Energy Efficient.
-Double Safety Radial Locking Arrangement.
-Double Safety Valve Protection specially designed for high pressure autoclave.
-Hydraulic Testing Up to 2.5 times the working pressure.
-Calibration And Protocol Documentation.
-Pressure switch.
-Autoclave Safety Valve.
-Display Digital indication for actual temperature.
-Provided with low water cut off system.
-Glass water level indication gauge with stainless steel guard.

The vertical autoclaves or in general autoclaves are designed to sterilize by using heat as well as pressure. A high pressure is created inside the vertical autoclave to initiate the sterilization process, due to the correlation between steam temperature and its pressure it becomes the operation cycle inside vertical autoclave. The walls of the vertical autoclave are made with stronger gauge sheets, keeping in mind the critical working environment. However sterilization ovens also provide the sterilizer effect, but there are some applications where isostatic pressure must be applied to the sterilizing articles so as to achieve proper sterilization.