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Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer

Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer

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Product Name: Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer

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Truly Impeccable Double Beam UV Spectrophotometers are produced by the diligent workforce at acumen labware. The output of Double Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer is available on 24x2 line LCD display in terms of %Transmission (%T), Absorbance(Abs.) & Concentration (Conc.). This Double Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer has 1000 sample storage memory, printer output for printing of data with any dot matrix printer. RS-232C interface for computer can be provided on request. The use of micro-controller has made our Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer an extremely versatile and state-of-the-art instrument. Facility for using 19mm path length cuvette is provided. The Spectrophotometer operates at wavelength between 190-1100 nm. The use of diffraction grating in the monochromator produces a linear spectrum. The use of grating having very high resolution of 1200 lines/mm ensures a narrow bandwidth in our Double Beam UV Spectrophotometer. Deuterium lamp (D2) is used in the range 190-380nm and Tungsten Halogen lamp (W) in the range 380-1100nm.

Double beam optics.
Scanning UV-VIS spectrophotometer.
2 line 24 character dot matrix backlit LCD display.
Microprocessor based with printer interface.
Optional PC compatibility with RS232 interface.
Programmable lamp change over wavelength.
Automatic wavelength calibration.
Compact, modular and economical.
Automatic 6 position cuvette holder for 10mm pathlength cuvettes.
Fully automatic, user friendly and menu driven software.
Self check and self diagnostic features.
Data saving and retrieval facility.