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Microwave test bench

In Principal Microwave Communication technology is increasingly being used for point to point communication which means connection between two nodes or endpoints. As the Microwave frequencies are higher they can be conveniently used for broad bandwidth and higher data transmission rates with small size antennas because its size is inversely proportional to the frequency being transmitted.
With the advent of microwaves during mid 20th century, long distance wireless telephony became possible as FDM (frequency division multiplexing) was used to transmit multiple telephone channels via microwave repeater stations as far as 70 Km away. The Microwave Test Bench is used to study similar characteristics of microwave communication in the controlled environment of microwave communication lab to understand the propagation fundamentals such as line of sight communication, troposcatter, attenuation loss and so on.


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Microwave Test Bench Fully-Loaded Consists of the following components:.
a. Klystron Power Supply (Square & Saw Wave Digital readout).
b. Gunn Power Supply (Digital).
c. VSWR Meter Solid State.
d. BNC Cable.
e. Diode Detector.
f. Frequency meter ( Direct reading ).
g. Fixed Short.
h. Gunn oscillator.
i. Isolator.
j. Klystron mount.
k. Klystron tube.
l. Magic tee.
m. Movable short.
n. Pick up horn.
o. Pin Modulator.
p. S.S. Tuner.
q. Slotted section with probe carriage.
r. Tripod stand.
s. Tunable probe.
t. Variable attenuator.

Microwave test bench by acumen labware are made with finesse and adroitness and a motive of providing well versed & illustrated study of microwave characteristics. With the increase in involvment & indulgance of microwave technology in broadcast sector a lot of demand has emerged for indepth sudy of microwave communication and our microwave test bench fulfills this need. Microwave test bench ensures the study of microwaves under controlled environment of lab such that it is directly applicable for practical implementation in microwave links. As a Microwave Test Bench Manufacturer we are faithfully fulfilling our edifying and enlightening responsibilities of improving tomorrow through technology.
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