Microwave Training Kits & Microwave Lab Trainers for detailed study of varied characteristics of microwaves in different fields and under various circumstances can be performed using Microwave Training Kits & Microwave Lab Trainers by acumen labware. Microwave Training Kits Price starts from 1200$. Microwave Training Kits are used to study and analyze the characteristics inhibited by microwaves under virtual conditions or controlled environment. The resultant analysis of microwave training kits is used in designing and implementation of microwave networks. These microwave networks have become the back bone of communication field now a days. Whether it is satellite communication, mobile telephony or television networks every think is operational on microwave links.

The Principal of Microwaves is that they are a kind of electromagnetic radiations having a wide range of wave lengths ranging from 0.3 Ghz to 300 Ghz. The word Micro in microwaves implies to the shorter or smaller wavelengths they have in comparison to other waves used in broadcasting. The advent of microwaves dates back to 1920 when magnetron was developed which graduated to microwave oven. When we talk about Microwaves we need to understand that because of being transmitted at high frequencies they use different form of conductors unlike the conventional open-wire and coaxial transmission lines which are used at lesser frequencies. In Microwave technology we use wave guides and stripline which is non-dispersive and has no cut-off frequency. The microwave training kits help students study these fundamental and technical aspects of microwave communication.