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Electrical Lab Equipment


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Product Name: Electrical Lab Equipment

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Electrical Lab Trainers & Equipments Comprise Of The Following Training Panel Boards & Kits:

- Electrical Machine Trainer (Complete Setup).
- Panel for Measurement of Power in Three Phase Circuit by Three Wattmeter Method. (Complete Set-up).
- Measurement of Power in 3 Phase Circuit by Two Wattmeter Method (Complete Set-up).
- Measurement of efficiency of Single Phase Transformer (Direct Loading) (Complete Set-up).
- Determination of Parameter and Losses in a Single Phase Transformer by OC and SC Test (Complete Set-up).
- Study of Single Phase Energy Meter (Complete Set-up).
- Earth Resistance by Fall of Potential Method (Complete Setup).
- Calibration of Wattmeter by DC Potentiometer (Complete Setup).
- Calibration of Voltmeter & Ammeter by DC Potentiometer (Complete Setup).
- Starting and Reversing of DC Shunt Motor (Complete Set-up).
- Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor By Voltage Control Method (Complete).
- Parallel Operation Single Phase Transformer (Complete Set-up).
- Voltage Relationship of Three Phase Transformer in Various Connections (Complete Set-up).
- Speed Control of D.C. Shunt Motor (By Armature and Field Current Control Method) (Complete Set-up).
- Load Test of DC Shunt Motor (Complete Set-up).
- To Plot Magnetizing Curve of a DC Series Generator (Complete Set-up).
- Angular Displacement Measurment of Synchronous Motor (Complete Set-up).
- Measurement of Power & Power Factor in Single Phase Circuit (Complete).
- Measurement of Power in 3 Phase Circuit by CT, PT & 3 Phase Wattmeter (Complete Set-up).
- Panel for Load Test of DC Series Motor (Complete Set-up).
- To Connect, Start & Reverse the Direction of Rotation of a 3 Phase Induction Motor (Complete Set-up).
- To Perform the Block Rotar Test of 3 Phase Induction Motor (Complete).