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SCR Firing Training Kit

scr firing techniques trainer kits

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Product Name: SCR Firing Training Kit

Product Code:  In stock

SCR Firing Training Kit comprise of the following:

Characteristics of SCR and Firing Techniques of SCR

Power Supplies:
DC Supply IC Regulated 0-5V DC, 250mA.
DC Supply IC Regulated 0-30V DC, 250mA.
Rectified DC Source: +30V,250mA
Isolated AC Power Supply: 12-0-12V, 250mA
Operated on Mains power 230V, 50Hz +10%
Components are mounted on the panels are:
Resistive Load (Resistor of 5W Using Rotary Switch)
Inductive Load (12V DC Motor with Fan)
SCR Assembly (2Nos, 600V,12A)
Firing Techniques:
RC Firing
UJT Firing
555 IC PWM Firing
Front panel built with high class insulated Printed Circuit Board sheet with well printed circuits and symbols.
Instruction manual.
Patch Cords 2mm Both.
High Voltage Test Points are Provided With 2mm Sockets.
The trainer is housed in ABS Plastic Cabinet.
Size of the trainer set 12x8