Coriolli's Component of Acceleration

Coriolli's Component of Acceleration(With Data Logging Facility)

Product Code:TOM-108

*An ENGLISH instruction manual with elaborate experimental procedures and block diagram etc. shall be provided with the training system set-up.


This lab set-up is designed to study Coriolli's Component of Acceleration on a slider crank mechanism. In this experiment the mechanical slider system is replaced by a steady stream of water flowing through a continuously rotating pair of tubes. These tubes are rotated at various speeds by using a swinging field motor which also acts as dynamometer in accordance to the experiment being performed. An Acrylic window is provided on top of the tank to give a clear view of the process, it also prevents the splash of water over the side of the tank. The dynamometer is used to continuously measure the torque applied to the rotating tubes. The lab setup is a self reliant water re-circulating system, provided with its own speed control unit and water circulating pump.

The latest lab set-up is designed with an inbuilt feature to interface the heat pump system with computer which enables to log the experimental data using computer. The real time data acquisition is be done by interfacing the set-up with computer using specially designed software. This software allows the user to have complete access to data logging and printing the stored data. An additional feature incorporated in the software allows the spread sheets to be prepared in Excel also for convenience of handling the data.