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Product Name: Power Electronics Trainer

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Power Electronics Trainer Kit is used for the following experiments:

• To study the characteristics of FET and plot it’s V-I Characteristics.
• To study the Gate control characteristics of SCR and It's graph.
• To study the characteristics of UJT.
• To study the characteristics of MOSFET.
• To study the characteristics of DIAC and plot it’s V-I Characteristics curve.
• To study the V-I characteristics of TRIAC.
• To study the Resistor Triggering circuit.
• To study the Resistor-Capacitor Triggering Circuit.
• To study the triggering of SCR using UJT.

Power Supplies:
• + 12V at 250mA
• 0-15V at 250Ma
• 0-30V at 250mA
• 15V - 0V - 15VAC at 250mA
• Operated on Mains power 230V, 50Hz +10%
Digital Meters:
• Voltmeter/Ammeter Dual Range 20V/20mA
Components are mounted on the panels are:
Power Devices:
• UJT-2N2646
• SCR-TYN604
• FET BS170
• Power Transistor 2N3055
• Power Diode 8A
Capacitors on Board:
• Capacitor 1uF
• Capacitor 10uF
Resistance on Board:
• 10K,1/4W
• 100E/2W
• 220E/2W
• 22E,5W
Load Resistance using Rotary Switch:
• 100E, 220E, 500E, 1K, 2K2, each 5W
Variable Resistor:
• 10K (1Nos.)
DC Motor:
• 12V DC Motor With Fan
• 12V DC Bulb
Firing Circuit on Board:
• RC Firing Circuit
• UJT Firing Circuit
• PWM Firing Circuit
• Front panel built with high class insulated Printed Circuit Board sheet with well printed circuits and symbols.
• Instruction manual.
• Patch Cords 2mm Both.
• High Voltage Test Points are Provided With 2mm Safety Sockets.
• The trainer is housed in ABS Plastic Cabinet.
• Size of the trainer set 12”x10”.