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Types of Ovens being manufactured by us:

- Laboratory Oven.
- High Temperature Lab Oven.
- Industrial Oven.
- Top Loading Annealing Oven.
- Pharmaceutical Oven.
- Vacuum Oven.
- Bench Oven.

Laboratory ovens are forced air thermal convection ovens or in other terms Hot Air Oven. These hot air ovens are used to attain constant temperatures inside every corner of the oven chamber. The most common size of Laboratory oven being used has (24 x 24 x 24) inches Inner Chamber dimensions, although they start from (12 x 12 x 12) inches Inner Chamber Dimension. The Maximum temperature for Laboratory Ovens can vary from 100 degree Celsius to over 350 degrees Celsius, However 250 degrees Celsius is the most preferred range as it falls midway and is suitable for most lab applications. These can also be termed as Clean Room Ovens.

High Temperature Lab Oven is an advanced version for Laboratory oven as discussed above having the same principle of operation i.e through forced air thermal convection. The only difference in High Temperature Lab Oven is the temperature range, these ovens are generally classified as ovens having temperatures from 300 degree Celsius to 550 degree Celsius

Product Name: Hot Air Oven

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Lab Hot air ovens are generally applicable for temperatures upto 250C for treating chemicals and glassware in laboratories. Lab Hot Air Ovens also find a wide application in research institutions, industries, hospitals and R&D centers for various applications such as heating, drying & sterilizing.

The external Body / Frame of hot air ovens are made of mild steel / stainless steel depending upon the application based requirement, often with strong seamless welding and covered with a thick layer of stoved epoxy polyester paint. This provides a strong, highly screech and heat resistant surface for a long lasting attractive finish to the Hot air ovens. Internal surfaces (including the doors) of Hot air ovens are manufactured from either aluminum or stainless steel, with great care in order to eliminate sharp edges.

The double walled chamber of hot air ovens is filled with high grade insulation to prevent heat loss which is generally glass wool for ovens till maximum temperature of 250 degree Celsius. Elements of the hot air ovens are of the sheathed black heat type are put inside beads and placed at the bottom and in both the side ribs are placed for uniform temperature. The door of hot air oven closes on to an asbestos gasket the shelves slide neatly into the fixed runners. Fixed ventilators are provided on both sides of the Hot air oven's wall so as to control the ventilation of air as per operational requirement.

A Digital Microprocessor based PID Temperature Controller come display unit is provided on the top of Hot air oven to keep a constant check on the temperature which is being displayed on the seven segment L.E.D display and also to set the temperature range according to the requirement. The Hot air oven is mounted on four rubber foots to prevent slipping and this protects the bench surface. The control panel houses a main ON/OFF switch, LOAD ON/OFF Indicator lamps and A Digital Microprocessor based PID Temperature Controller come display unit.

Working Principle of Hot Air Oven is the forced circulation of hot air inside the chamber of oven. As it is a universal scientific fact that in any chamber hot air rises above, So by utilizing this principle when the hot air reaches the top of chamber it is circulated back to bottom by a fan installed inside the chamber and hence optimum amount of heat is achieved gradually inside the Hot Air Oven.