Laboratory Oven Furnace

We are recognized in the global market as high temperature industrial lab muffle furnace, lab hot air oven manufacturers. Due to our prolonged reputation the customers looking for high end products along with affordable pricing for high temperature laboratory and industrial muffle furnace, lab hot air oven trust Acumen Labware. Lab Ovens at our facility are manufactured to the highest standards for extraordinary performance and impeccable results.
The prime focus of our laboratory ovens and furnace is to provide temperature uniformity. We are aware of the fact that a laboratory oven & furnace forms an invaluable part of laboratory workflow, entitled to work from simple glassware drying to the complex and controlled heating applications. Our heating ovens and furnaces are designed to ensure reproducibility and temperature stability for all the desired application needs. The objective is to create laboratory ovens and furnaces to help researchers and medical practitioners by providing stability, safety with ease of use without compromising efficiency.

If we describe the working of a laboratory hot air oven it basically uses dry heat to sterilize articles. For precise temperature control the laboratory hot air oven uses a microprocessor controller. The double walled insulation is so designed to keep the maximum heat inside and conserve energy by avoiding heat loss. Sterilization by a laboratory hot air oven and muffle furnace does not require water as in the case of sterilization by autoclave and there is not much pressure build up within the oven, unlike an autoclave making it a safe sterilization option. We have received various commercial accolades for our specialization in both standard and customized models of lab hot air oven and muffle furnace.
By using forced air circulation laboratory hot air ovens are used to create the effect of ageing on various physical properties of wide range of materials which include yarns, fabrics and paper etc. In addition to these pre described applications forced air convection ovens are also used for high quality drying and baking applications which might be used in the field of laboratory, biomedical, pharmaceutical and textile industries, where high heating rate and stable accurate temperature are prime requirement. Primarily and most widely known as hot air circulating oven, these units are fitted with blower or fan inside the inner chamber in order to evenly distribute the hot air in every corner of the inner chamber for uniform temperature stability.
As far as operation is concerned I would like to describe our laboratory hot air oven system as a continuous temperature maintaining equipment up to a maximum of 250°C along with all safety features of operation. This allows users to perform their tests in a hassle free and precisely controlled environment. Standard models of laboratory hot air oven starts from 22 liters to 300 liters volume, although, we are fully capable to custom design and manufacture any size of lab hot air oven completely in house in accordance to customer provided temperature range, sizes and capacities. The temperature ranges available for our laboratory furnace are 1000C, 1200C and 1500C.
Being a Laboratory hot air oven manufacturer, acumen labware has the most ideal products for general laboratory procedures and routine heat applications. The laboratory furnace is crafted to provide temperature uniformity and also fully comply with the safety standards. Our customers can get the lab hot air oven equipped with a number of features that suit up to their working methodology and eventually meet all the requirements. Some of the add-on features generally requested from our clientele are: individual or additional perforated /wire mesh shelves, set temperature protection, digital timers, advanced lab oven temperature controller programmer system with data logging facility etc.
Our laboratory furnace and hot air ovens are available in different size and style. The customer always has the choice to choose the oven that best fits into needs and requirements. Our heating furnace and ovens are diligently designed with state of the art innovative technology. Our laboratory furnace and hot air ovens are inherently developed to be highly rugged, durable, efficient and most of all precise. Sample protection has always been the top most priority of our product and design blueprints.