Antenna Trainers


An Antenna can simply be defined as an aerial transducer specifically designed for Transmission or Reception of electromagnetic waves.
There are various types of antennas and each type is specifically designed for a specific operation only. Antennas also vary in accordance to the operable frequency range.
Antenna Trainer System is ideally designed for the study of each type of antenna and its wave propagagtion characteristics under experimental conditions.

Antenna Trainers

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Antenna Trainers

Antenna Training System basically consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver. The Antenna Training System enables students to study transmission and reception using high frequency signals even in the narrow band. The kit also facilitates the study of radio transponder working as a transceiver which is used for satellite communication. The Antenna training system emphasises on using different types of antennas to study various wave propagation patterns, so we provide various antennas to cover the frequency range from 500 MHz to 10 GHz.
The Antenna training system consists of the following components:
a. Half-wave Di-pole Antenna.
b. Folded Dipole Antenna.
c. Grounding Antenna.
d. Full-Wave loop Antenna.
e. Drooping Antenna.
f. Yagi Antenna.
g. Spiral Antenna.
h. Helical Antenna.
i. Single Patch Antenna.
j. Two Dimensional Array Antenna.
k. Circle arranging Antenna.