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Doppler Radar Trainer


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Doppler Radar Trainer

Working principle of Doppler radar is the measurement of change in frequency of a moving object relative to the point of observation. The Doppler radar trainer works on the principle of Doppler Effect which is also known as Doppler Shift. The Doppler radar trainer continuously measures the shift or change in frequency of electromagnetic waves by transmitting it from its transponder and receiving the reflected waves from the object by its receptor, the Doppler radar trainer then calculates the exact position of the test object by measuring the continuous change in frequency of these transmitted and received waves.

Some other applications of Doppler Effect are as follows

Medical imaging and blood flow measurement
Flow measurement in a fluid flow
Velocity profile measurement
Satellite communication
Audio (Leslie Speaker)
Vibration measurement (laser Doppler Vibrometer)

Product Name: Doppler Radar Trainer

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The AL-DRT Doppler Radar Trainer demonstrates the principle of doppler shift of reflected electromagnetic wave from a moving object along with important parameters such as speed, rotation of test object, contact less vibration measurement etc.

The AL-DRT Doppler Radar Trainer consists of a 10GHz Micro strip based homodyne transceiver (an integrated transmitter and receiver) is placed on a parabolic reflector, The target velocity emulator provides a real time platform for statistic observation of CRO & FFT on a PC by using observations and measurements calculated with the help of a software, this advanced Doppler Radar Trainer software is also capable of showing microwave X band operation using a high gain parabolic antenna provided for narrow beam width and clutter reduction. Shielded cables are provided to avoid Electrostatic discharge (ESD). The trainer incorporates a large memory to support its High Speed Data Acquisition system.

Main Objectives of AL-DRT :
- Stuy of Pulse radar System.
- Study of speed and direction of a moving target.
- Study of Reflections of moving targets.