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Satellite Communication Training Kit


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Satellite Communication Training Kit

The basic components of a satellite system are its antennas which consists of repeaters and receivers also known as transponders. When we transmit a signal from earth to the satellite it refers to up-link and when a signal is received on earth from the satellite it is called down-link. The uplink frequencies are in the range of 5.9 Ghz to 6.4 Ghz and the down link frequencies are in the range of 3.7 Ghz to 4.2 Ghz.
These frequencies are used for Transmission from the satellite to the earth station. The uplink frequencies are converted to lower frequencies by the mixer and local Oscillator, the communication satellite acts as a repeater station as it receives the signal, amplifies it and then transmits over next frequency to avoid interference between the uplink signal and down link signal this is how a two way communication is established with the help of a transponder.
Communication satellites can have multiple transponders. Transponders per satellite have increased rapidly over years since inception so as to increase the capacity of satellites because earlier a satellite with 2 transponder used to support a signal T.V channel or 240 telephone lines, Similarly a satellite with 48 transponder can accommodate 4000 Telephone Phone lines and 2 T.V channels.
Today’s new generation satellites which use digital multiplexing technology can handle 120,000 Telephone lines and more than 500 T.V channels.

Product Name: Satellite Communication Training Kit

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Satellite Communication Training Kit

Our Satellite Communication Training Kit has built in antenna system which operates in the microwave frequency range of 5.8GHz & 2.4GHz. The trainer provides a wide range of Baud rates / Microwave modulation rates in a PC to PC link. The Satellite Communication Training Kit is also used for the study of the following parameters:
- Receiver and Satellite Emulator.
- Variable path loss at uplink and downlink channels.
- Measurement and Analysis of Carrier to Noise Ratio and Signal to Noise Ratio to examine the quality of signal.
- High RF output power and low noise.
- Built in Interference Generator and Noise Figure Analyser.
- Condenser microphone and speaker are provided for audio link.
- Display of PLL synthesized frequency in Transmitter.
- Camera and Video monitor for video link.
- Transponder for up-link and down-link.
- Dish X 2 & Patch X 2 for linear & circular polarization study for Helix antennas for 2.4 & 5.8GHz.
- Signal monitoring outputs at uplink & downlink.