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PLC is a programmable logic controller also known as programmable controller. A PLC is a digital computer conventionally used for automation of industrial electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines, rides in amusement parks but these days it is also finding uses where human involvement is being reduced to reduce the operational costs where a particular operation is performed over a long duration of time like control of water supply system in a society, control of power distribution system . PLCs are used in many industries and machines to reduce human involvement and error. The PLC training kit is designed for multiple analogue and digital inputs and output arrangements and have extended temperature ranges being immune to electrical surges along with having resistance to vibration and impact. The programming for PLC Training bench in the form of code is used to control machine operation and is stored in battery backed up non volatile memory. A PLC is a real-time system in which output results must be produced in synchronisation to the input conditions within pre-defined time duration, otherwise it will fail to produce the desired operation. These days using SCADA along with PLCs has hugely helped in eliminating error from the process controls, simultaneously increasing the efficiency levels. SCADA is basically a remote station which can control the functioning of a process along with providing a real time functioning visual of the same on a display screen.


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The PLC Training Bench comes with a built in 8 DI/DO line, with RS232 Serial Interface for PLC (Siemens / Allen-Bradley / Schneider) . A Ladder programming and communication software is provided with the PLC Training Bench in accordance to the PLC being used for communication with a PC. All the inputs and outputs are brought out to the panels for the ease of studying various Static application panels and also Sample Ladder programs are supplied for better understanding of PLC. The Panel is built with necessary Power supply required for the PLC and the Simulation Panels.

Compatible Simulation Modules are as follows :
Switching of Lights.
Water level Control.
Traffic Light Control.
Counting pulses from source and checking for pre-determined values.
Conveyor control.
Lift Control.
Washing Machine.
Timing Circuits.