VLSI Lab Training Kit

VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration)

The principle of VLSI (Very large scale integration) is the making of Integrated Circuit (IC) by adding and connecting thousands of transistors on a single chip. Due to the advent of VLSI technology the microprocessors these days are able to perform various tasks simultaneously with much greater speed which would not have been possible otherwise. With the help of VLSI we have been able to integrate CPU, RAM, ROM and other hardware verticals on a single chip..

VLSI Lab Training Kit

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-FPGA-A prototype board provides easy to use development platform.
-Useful to physically verify simple digital designs using FPGA.
-A board that uses a SPARTAN-3 FPGA series device.
-On board Function Generator.
-Modular organization of circuit functions.

Board FPGA XC3S400-PQ208.
Onboard function generator
Provision for Square and Triangular wave generation.
Frequency variable from 40 to 100 KHz with provision of fine and coarse selection for both square and triangular wave.
Amplitude variable from 0 to 2Vp-p for both square and triangular wave.
Offset adjustment for triangular wave.
Motor interface
Stepper motor interface using 12-VDC, 200 steps / revolutions motor.
12V DC, DC motor interfaced using unpolarized connection so that it can be reversed.
Relay interface
One NO and NC contacts are provided using 12-VDC relay.
RTC interface
Real time clock interface using I2C bus.