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Biology: Botany, Anatomy Models

Acumen Labware believes that professional learning occurs on a regular basis, formally and informally throughout a person's whole life. With our experience in research, data collection and analysis, Our vide range of biology, botany, & human anatomy models add value to individual's learning and help improve identification & recognition at a larger scale. Attractively priced biology, botany & human anatomy models are available at Acumen Labware. We are one of the leading botany models & human anatomy models manufacturer, supplier, exporter in India.

Biology is a branch of science which deals in describing and understanding natural phenomenon derived from factual and verifiable observations and experimentations involving the study of life and living organisms. Modern day biology is further divided into major branches which we are described as physical structure which involves molecular biology, bio chemistry and bio physics concerned with molecular structures of biological macro molecules. Biochemistry involves the study of chemical processes inside a living organism revealing its metabolism and biochemical composition. Evolution is the study of gradual change in gene structure of living organisms as a result of adaptation to the environmental conditions and requirements.
According to the science of biology a cell is the basic identity of life, genes are the reflection of heredity and evolution as the creation cycle of new forms of organisms. The biology models pertaining to biochemistry are designed to study the chemical processes happening inside and around a living organism. Physiology is the section of biology which deals with anatomy of the living tissues. Thus human anatomy models are crafted to study physical and chemical behavior of tissues and organs. Ecology refers to the environmental interactions of the organisms and zoology or botany models are required to study these conditions.
What we have learnt from the study of biology, botany and anatomy models so far is that energy is the prime source of survival of any living organism. Studies of anatomy have revealed the chemical processes are naturally designed in organism extract energy from the food and water it intakes and transform it form new cells which replace old cells to sustain life. By studying botany and biology models it has also been realized that the creation of energy by consuming food and water produces biomass which is also a useful part of our life cycle and helps growth and development of other life forms.
Physiological studies have been basically categorized into two parts which are namely plant physiology which we study with the help of botany models and animal physiology which is dealt with anatomy models be it human or animal anatomy. As a human anatomy models manufacturer we have developed nervous, immune, endocrine, respiratory, and circulatory systems models for in-depth research and study purposes. We have also developed rRNA gene models to specifically study polygenetic tree structure of bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes and relation between them.

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