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Science Lab Kits & Supplies.

Acumen Labware is a recognised international leader in the development of Science educational kits and science lab supplies for schools and educational institutions. Our mission is to promote and create research-based knowledge, products and services that can be used to improve learning all along the life span. Our products such as Science educational kits and science lab supplies for schools and educational institutions are attractively priced to add more value for money being spent on education. Acumen Labware is one of the leading & prominent Laboratory equipment & electronic training kits manufacturer, supplier, exporter in India.

Acumen Labware

Physics Lab Equipment

A wide range of tools and kits ranging from the basic elementary level to the most advanced course.
Acumen Labware

Biology Labware

Buy LOW COST Biology Models Manufacturers, Biology Model Suppliers, Exporters.
Acumen Labware

Chemistry Labware

High degree of protection is provided with School Science Lab Equipment by Acumen Lab.
Acumen Labware

Laboratory Glassware

Glass Adapters from chemical glassware equipment is an iconic vertical of Acumen Labware.
Acumen Labware

Laboratory Plasticware

Plastic labware by Acumen Labware is much lighter in weight.
Acumen Labware

Electronics Training Kits

Products made with diverse experience in the field of Technical Education.
Acumen Labware

Microscopes & Accessories

Buy Low Cost Microscopes Supplies for kids Supplies Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters India.
Acumen Labware


The process of improving measure of an enterpprise’s success. Business growth can be a achieved.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers work in a very wide range of industries and the skills required are likewise variable.
Acumen Labware

Analytical Equipment

Acumen Labware is vindicately described as LOW-COST-BEST-QUALITY Water & Soil Testing Kits Exporters in India.
Acumen Labware

Mechanical Lab

In a fluid machinery lab the main focus is on the study of fluid mechanics

At acumen labware we thrive on staying updated on the advances that are being surfaced from time to time in science and education teaching technologies. Here we intend to satisfy every possible scientific explanation that a young human mind is craving for and we do it with the help of science education kits and associated lab supplies. The mere intention behind developing these science educational kits is to make the scientific façade more cognitive for anybody with an appetite for learning and exploring new concepts.
Today science and technology are enhancing and being explored so fast that it has become inapprehensible for an individual to keep a track of the advancements related to his field of expertise. This is where we come to the rescue by deploying our task force of educationalists who keep the product developing teams updated to ensure the amalgamation of latest technology in our science educational kits and associated science lab supplies. These expert educationalists not only keep us updated on the advances, apparently they also help the development teams to unlock the secrets behind complex scientific theories so that the same ease of understanding is reflected in our science educational kits and lab supplies.

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